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Cox Spouse Oral History Project

Preparation for Spouse Interviewees

ADST’s interview process is designed to help you recount your experience as the spouse (or long time partner) of an officer in the U.S. government’s foreign affairs community. Your interview will cover three broad categories:

  • Personal background about you – your childhood, family, education, and work history;
  • Your experience as a spouse at foreign posts; and
  • Your experience as a spouse in Washington, DC posts.

How did you adapt to and integrate your family into your new surroundings; e.g:

  • Childcare and education;
  • The extent to which you could become involved in host country culture;e.g. Did you receive language training? Was it sufficient? 
  • Could you use your own skills and talents working outside the home, either in the local economy or in the embassy? 

Were you present in locations where unique events took place:

  • Hosting VIPs from the U.S.;
  • Responding to natural disasters or political upheaval; and
  • Temporary or permanent evacuation,

Finally, many people outside the U.S. foreign affairs community do not have an understanding of the stresses and rewards of this kind of public service.  We encourage you to recount recollections of how you overcame unforeseen challenges or made significant contributions to your community. Did you receive awards or special recognition? Let us know what it meant to you. We welcome you to recount it including with pictures and other memorabilia that might accompany written or spoken narratives. 

Our goal is to highlight the important role spouses play in the work of U.S. foreign affairs. A typical interview session lasts 60 minutes. Several sessions are typical. Your time commitment may be less, or more. 

Interviewee Registration

Please complete and return the below Interviewee Registration Form and Deed of Gift. The Deed of Gift grants ADST the copyright to your final edited transcript; however, you are exempt from the copyright. You and your immediate family members may use your final edited transcript for any purpose you like. 

The form below will help us with the interview process and will assist you in creating an outline of your career to review during the interview process. If you have a C.V. or resume on hand, please send it to us at [email protected] If the information in the following questionnaire is in your C.V. there is no need to repeat it here.

    Personal Information
    Education - Please fill out the following information about your education experience. If you have attended more than one secondary school or university or received more than one college degree, please fill out each entry separately by following the prompts at the end of each subsection.
    1. YesNo
    University and College Experience - Please fill out the below information regarding your university and degree information. If you have attended more than two college universities, please select "Yes" as the last question to continue to fill out your education information.
    1. YesNo
    University and College Experience
    1. YesNo
    University and College Experience
    Other Experiences - If you've participated in any of the following experiences, please select yes or no from each of the options below and follow the prompts. If you've participated in more than one, you will have the opportunity to fill this out for the others.
    1. YesNo
    2. YesNo
    3. YesNo
    4. YesNo
    Military Experience
    Peace Corps
    United States Government Agency Work
    Private Sector and/or Voluntary Organizations
    Foreign Service Experience - Please provide the information below and then continue to the next section to fill out information about your spouse's Foreign Service experience.
    1. Foreign Service Posts - In the following section(s), please follow the prompts to share the information pertaining to each Post your spouse served in. We have an individual form for each post.
    2. YesNo
    3. Foreign Service Posts
    4. YesNo
    5. Foreign Service Posts
    6. YesNo
    7. Foreign Service Posts
    8. YesNo
    9. Foreign Service Posts
    10. YesNo
    11. Foreign Service Posts
    12. YesNo
    13. Foreign Service Posts
    14. YesNo
    15. Foreign Service Posts
    16. YesNo
    17. Foreign Service Posts
    18. YesNo
    19. Foreign Service Posts
    20. YesNo
    21. Foreign Service Posts