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The more than 1800 oral histories completed over the past quarter century stem from the contributions of many individuals who gladly provided their expertise and numerous insights regarding U.S. diplomatic history and several others who selflessly volunteered their time to help edit the interviews. If you would like to volunteer to be interviewed or help with the interview and editing process, please complete this form.

You can avoid scrolling through the entire list by simply clicking on the alphabetical index bar below. The oral histories are also available on the Library Congress website; however, they do not have the tables of contents. Interviewees from USAID, Agriculture (USDA), and Labor are so indicated. For briefer interviews with recent ambassadors, you can also check out the Diplomatic Discourse section of The Politic at the Yale Undergraduate Journal of Politics. And if you are looking for background on a particular country, don’t forget to look at our Country Readers.

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Note:  These oral histories contain the personal recollections and opinions of the individual interviewed. The views expressed should not be considered official statements of the U.S. government or the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training.


Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection, Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training, Arlington, VA, www.adst.org.




Abbey, Denise
Abington, Edward G.
Abramowitz, Morton I.
Abrams, Manuel
Acheson, David C.
Achilles, Theodore
Adair, Marshall P.
Adams, David R.
Adams, Frances McStay
Adams, John H.
Adams, Samuel Clifford Jr.
Adamson, David M.
Adamson, Keith
Aggrey, Rudolph
Akaovsky, Alexander
Alexander, Edward
Alexander, Leslie M.
Amerson, Robert C.
Anderson, Burnett
Anderson, Donald M.
Anderson, G. Norman
Anderson, Marguerite
Anderson, Michael G.
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Thomas H.
Andrews, Nicholas G.
Anschutz, Norbert L.
Anspacher, John M.
Antippas, Andrew F.
Anyaso, Claudia E.
Appling, Hugh G.
Arietti, Michael
Armstrong, Anne Legendre
Armstrong, Louise Schaffner
Armstrong, Oscar
Armstrong, Willis C. – 1987
Armstrong, Willis C. – 1988
Arnold, Daryl
Arnold, Terrell
Asencio, Diego C.
Asher, Robert E.
Askew, Laurin B.
Athanason, Frank
Atherton, Alfred Leroy Jr.
Atherton, Betty
Attwood, William
Austin, Lillian



Babbitt, Harriet C.
Bacchus, William
Bach, Morton A.
Bache, G. Michael
Bacon, Leonard L.
Bagley, Elizabeth Frawley
Bahti, James H.
Bailey, Broadus Jr.
Baker, Franklin H.
Baker, John A. Jr.
Baldwin, Charles F.
Ball, George
Barall, Milton
Barbash, Jack (Labor)
Barbis, George M.
Barbis, Patricia Quinn
Barbour, Robert E.
Bardach, Henry
Bardos, Arthur A.
Barkley, Richard C.
Barmon, Ward
Barnes, Faye
Barnes, Faye & Judy Ikels
Barnes, Harry G. Jr.
Barnes, Shirley Elizabeth
Barnett, Robert W.
Barnhart, Margaret J.
Barrett, Richard W. (USAID)
Barrington, Aldene A.
Barry, Robert L.
Bartlett, Joan
Bartz, Patricia M.
Bassell, Cornelia (Observations by Cecil & Elizabeth Lyon)
Bastiani, Carl
Bates, Quentin R.
Battle, Lucius D. – 1968
Battle, Lucius D. – 1991
Bauer, Robert
Beaman, Chester E.
Beaudry, Robert M.
Becker, Frederick A.
Becker, Ralph E.
Beecham, Charles R.
Beecroft, Mette
Beecroft, Robert M.
Beeman, Josiah
Behoteguy, Scott (USAID)
Beigel, Edgar J.
Belcher, Stephen Paterson
Bell, John O.
Bell, Linda
Bellocchi, Natale H.
Bellows, Everett
Belton, William
Benjamin, Aaron (USAID)
Bennett, Janet
Bennett, John T.
Bennett, John & Rutherford Poats
Bennett, John T. & Thomas Stern
Bennett, Margaret White
Bennett, William Tapley
Bennsky, George N.
Berg, John
Berger, Arthur S.
Bergus, Donald
Berle, Beatrice Bishop
Bernbaum, Marcia (USAID)
Bernbaum, Maurice R.
Bernstein, Stuart
Berrington, Robin
Beyer, Gordon R.
Biddle, Virginia Hamill – 1998
Biddle, Virginia Hamill (Memoirs)
Bierman, Everett E.
Bindenagel, J. D.
Binnendijk, Hans
Binns, Jack R.
Bird, Eugene H.
Birnbaum, Philip (USAID)
Bisbee, Royal D.
Bishop, James K.
Bishop, Max Waldo
Bissell, Richard M. Jr.
Blackburn, Paul P.
Blackiston, Slator C.
Blake, Melville
Blake, Regina
Blake, Robert O. – 1988
Blake, Robert O. – 1990
Blakemore, David
Blane, John P.
Blaser, Arthur F. Jr.
Blasier, Cole
Blasier, Martha H.
Blinken, Alan J.
Bliss, Don Carroll (Memoirs)
Bloch, Julia Chang
Bloch, Stuart Marshall
Blood, Archer K.
Bloomfield, Richard
Blue, William L.
Bock, J. Richard
Bodde, William Jr.
Boehm, Richard W.
Bogardus, George F.
Bogardus, Virginia
Bogosian, Richard W.
Bohlen, Charles
Bolster, Archie M.
Bonbright, James C. H.
Bond, Niles W.
Bond, Ruth Clement
Bondurant, Amy Laura
Boneparth, Ellen
Boonstra, Clarence A. – 1989
Boonstra, Clarence A. – 2006 (Agriculture)
Boorstein, Michael
Borg, C. Arthur
Borg, Parker W.
Borgida, Tibor S.
Bostain, James C.
Boster, Davis Eugene
Boswell, Eric J.
Bosworth, Stephen
Bowden, Lewis W.
Bowen, Mary
Bowie, Robert R.
Bowie, Robert R.2008
Bowie, Thomas D. (Labor)
Bowles, Chester
Boyatt, Thomas D.
Boyatt, Thomas D. – Cyprus
Boyd, Theodore A.
Boykin, Samuel D.
Braderman, Eugene M.
Bradford, William G.
Bream, C. Gray
Breer, William T.
Brement, Marshall – 1989
Brement, Marshall – 1990
Brewer, William D.
Brewin, Roger
Brewster, H. Daniel
Brewster, Robert C.
Bridges, Peter S.
Briggs, Lucy Barnard
Brintnall, Clarke McCurdy
Britton, Theodore R. Jr. – 1981
Britton, Theodore R. Jr. – 1989
Broadnax, Madison (USAID)
Broderick, William D.
Brombart, David (Labor)
Brooks, William
Brown, Bonnie
Brown, David G.
Brown, David S.
Brown, Donald S. (USAID)
Brown, Elizabeth Ann
Brown, Emmerson M.
Brown, Frederick Z.
Brown, Gordon S.
Brown, Keith L.
Brown, L. Dean
Brown, Marshall D. (USAID)
Brown, Maury D. (USAID)
Brown, Peggy Ann
Brown, Philip C.
Brown, Robert Lyle
Brown, Vincent W. (USAID)
Brown, William Andreas
Bryant, Bilha
Brynn, Edward
Bryson, Judy (USAID)
Brzezinski, Zbigniew
Buchanan, Thompson R.
Buche, John A.
Buckley, Richard A.
Bullington, James R.
Bunker, Ellsworth
Burdett, William C.
Burgess, David S. (Labor)
Burke, John R.
Burleson, Hugh
Burnet, Frank N.
Burnett, Stanton
Burns, Findley Jr.
Burns, John H.
Burton, Elizabeth A.
Bushnell, Ann
Bushnell, John A.
Bushnell, Prudence
Butcher, Suzanne Sekerak
Butrick, Richard P.
Butterfield, Samuel (USAID)
Byington, Jane
Byroade, Henry



Cabot, Elizabeth Lewis
Cahill, Harry
Caldwell, Martha
Callaway, Gilbert R.
Carlson, Richard W.
Carlson, Roy O.
Carlucci, Frank – 1996
Carlucci, Frank – 1997
Carmichael, Thomas R.
Carney, Timothy Michael
Carney, Tim
Carrington, Walter C.
Carter, W. Hodding III
Carter, William Beverly
Cary, Anne O.
Cashin, Richard M.
Cason, James C.
Caswell, John D.
Catherman, Terrence
Catto, Henry E. Jr.
Cecil, Charles O.
Chamberlin, James W.
Chambers, Anne Cox
Chambers, Raymond E.
Chambliss, Mary
Chapin, Frederick L. – 1988
Chapin, Frederick L. – 1989
Chaplin, Stephen M.
Chapman, Christian A.
Chapman, Geoffrey W.
Chard, Cynthia
Chase, Wilbur P.
Chatman, Melvin R.
Chatten, Robert L.
Checchi, Vincent
Cheek, James R.
Cheevers, Joseph
Chetwynd, Eric (USAID)
Chiavarini, Mary J.
Child, Julia
Christian, Charles (USAID)
Church, Phillip Ely (USAID)
Clark, Bruce W.
Clark, Dale D. (USAID)
Clark, Edward W.
Clark, William Jr.
Clark-Bourne, Kathryn
Clarke, Henry L.
Clemmons, John
Cleveland, Harlan
Cleveland, Paul M.
Cleveland, Robert G.
Clough, Ralph N.
Cluverius, Wat T. IV
Cobb, William B. Jr.
Coburn, Harry
Cody, Peter M. (USAID)
Coffey, Fred A. Jr.
Cohen, Herman J.
Cohen, Lawrance
Cohen, Scott
Cohrssen, Hans
Coker, Irvin D. (USAID)
Colbert, Evelyn S.
Colbert, Larry
Cole, Janey Dea
Coleman, Bernard Francis
Coleshill, Walter
Collins, Naomi
Colman, William G.
Comras, Victor D.
Conlon, Thomas F.
Conover, Willis
Constable, Elinor
Constable, Peter D.
Cook, Frances D.
Cook, Mercer
Coon, Carleton S. Jr.
Coon, Jane Abell
Cooper, Magda
Cootes, Merritt
Corcoran, Thomas J.
Corey, Gilbert L. (USAID)
Coriden, Guy E. Jr.
Correll, Frank D. (USAID)
Correll, John (Labor)
Corrigan, Robert F.
Cortada, James N.
Cotter, Michael W.
Countryman, John R.
Courtney, Raymond F.
Cowal, Sally Grooms
Coward, Frank P.
Crawford, Barbara Gardner (speech)
Crawford, Franklin J.
Crawford, William A. – 1971
Crawford, William A. – 1989
Crawford, William R.
Crimmins, John Hugh
Crocker, Chester A.
Crockett, William J.
Cronk, Edwin
Crook, Ruth Walter
Cross, Charles T.
Crowe, William J. Jr.
Crowley, John J.
Cumming, Isabel
Cundiff, Carl C.
Cunningham, William J.
Curley, Walter J.P.
Curran, Robert T.
Curry, Harriet
Cushing, John A.
Cushing, Richard G.
Cutler, Sally (Sarah) B.
Cutler, Walter L.
Cutter, Curtis C.
Cylke, Owen (USAID)
Cyr, Leo
Czayo, Sylvia E.



Dachi, Stephen F.
Dale, William N.
Daly, Anne
Dammarell, Anne (USAID)
Dane, Leila F.
Daris, Charles L.
Davey, Harold L. (Labor)
Davidow, Jeffrey
Davies, Richard Townsend
Davis, Allen C.
Davis, Arthur H. Jr.
Davis, Shelby Cullom
Davis, William True
Dawson, Horace G.
Day, Arthur
Day, Susan
De Palma, Samuel
De Pree, Willard A.
De Santis, Hugh
Deal, Timothy E.
Dean, David
Dean, John Gunther
Dean, Jonathan
Dearborn, Henry
Deason, Joan
Deerfield, Eddie
Deering, Walter
Del Rio, Jose Perez “Pepe”
DeLong, Howard
Deming, Olcott H.
Denys, Arnold
DeOrnellas, John L.
DeSchaub, Ella
Devlin, Willard
Dickinson, Dwight
Dickman, François M.
Dieterich, William Jeffras
Dillard, Diane
Dillery, C. Edward
Dillon, Betty Crites
Dillon, C. Douglas
Dillon, Caroline Sue
Dillon, Dorothy
Dillon, Robert S.
Diogo Diallo, Oumar
Dixon, Ben F.
Dixon, Frances
Dizikes, Dean
Dobbins, James
Dodd, Thomas J.
Doherty, John T.
Dols, Richard J.
Donahue, Gilbert J.
Donahue, Thomas R. (Labor)
Donelan, Joseph F. Jr.
Donnelly, Neal
Donovan, Eileen Roberta 1985
Donovan, Eileen Roberta 1989
Donovan, Stanley J.
Dorman, Lesley
Dorsey, Carolyn C.
Draper, Morris
Dress, Alice A
Drew, Gerald A.
Drexler, Robert W.
Drumright, Everett 1988
Drumright, Everett 1989
Du Vivier, Paul F.
Dudley, Edward R. Jr. – 1981
Dudley, Edward Richard – 1995
Duemling, Robert W.
Duke, Angier Biddle
Duncan, Robert B.
Duncombe, Bruce F.
Dunford, David J.
Dunham, Lawrence
Dunham, William B. (Memoirs)
Dunkerley, Craig
Dunlap, Henry
Dunlop, Thomas P. H.
Dunnigan, Thomas J.
Durbrow, Elbridge
Dworken, Morton R., Jr.
Dwyer, Richard A.
Dyess, William J.



Eagleburger, Lawrence S.
Eagleburger, Marlene
Eardley, Dorothy
Earle, Ralph II
Easum, Donald B.
Eaton, Samuel D.
Edensword, Jon G.
Edmond, Lester E.
Edmondson, Donna
Edmondson, William B.
Edwards, Horace Y.
Edwards, Virginia
Egan, Wesley
Eicher, Peter David
Eilts, Hermann F.
Eisenbraun, Stephen
Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Symposium)
Ekern, Halvor
Elbrick, Elvira Johnson “Elfie”
Eliot, Theodore L. Jr.
Ellis, Clarke N.
Ellsworth, Robert F.
Ely, Michael
Embree, Ainslie
Emmerson, Dorothy M.
Engle, James Bruce
English, Anita Grew
Erdos, Alfred (Case of)
Erickson, Eldon B.
Ericson, Richard A.
Eriksson, John R. (USAID)
Ernst, Roger (USAID)
Erstein, Dick
Esch, C. David (USAID)
Estes, Thomas
Evans, David M.
Evans, Gordon W. (USAID)
Evans, John M.
Ewing, John J.
Ewing, Raymond C.



Fairbanks, Richard M. III
Fairchild, Albert E.
Farkas, Ruth Lewis
Farland, Joseph S.
Farrand, Robert William
Farsakh, Andrea Morel
Fearey, Robert A.
Featherstone, Edward M.
Feldman, George
Feldman, Harvey
Fell, Arthur M. (USAID)
Fenwick, Millicent
Fenzi, Jewell
Ferch, John A.
Ferguson, Glenn W.
Fernandez, Aurelius “Aury”
Fierst, Herbert
Figgins, Dan W.
Fina, Thomas W.
Finn, Richard B.
Fischer, David
Fishburn, John T. (Labor)
Fisher, Alan
Fitzgerald, D. A.
FitzGerald, William H.G.
Flack, Ronald D.
Flanigan, Alan H.
Flatin, Bruce A.
Fleischer, Lowell
Fleishman, Harry (Labor)
Fleisher, Eric
Flott, Frederick W. 1984
Flott, Frederick W. 1992
Floyd, Arva C.
Floyd, Jane Miller
Flues, Abtam Gilmore
Fobes, John
Forbord, Nancy
Forster, Cliff
Foster, Rockwood H.
Foulon, Robert C.
Fox, Richard K.
Franklin, Butler
Franklin, Robert F.
Freeman, Anthony G. (Labor)
Freeman, Chas W. Jr.
Freeman, Constance J.
Freeman, Phyllis
Frenkley, Alexander
Fried, Philoine
Friedland, Sidney
Friedman, Jesse A. (Labor)
Fritts, Robert E.
Fritzlan, A. David
Fry, Samuel E.
Fulton, Robert Barry
Funderburk, David B.
Funk, Sherman M.
Funkhouser, Richard
Funseth, Robert L.
Furgal, Mary Jo



Gabriel, Edward
Galbraith, Peter W.
Galenson, Walter (Labor)
Galloway, William J.
Gammon, Samuel R. III
Gardner, Paul F.
Garnish, J. Howard
Garrity, Robert W. 1988
Garrity, Robert W. 1990
Garthoff, Raymond L.
Geber, Anthony
Gehron, William J.
Geis, Robert K.
Geisel, Harold W.
Gert, Gerald M.
Gerson, Leslie
Getsinger, Norman W.
Gibson, Richard M.
Gilbert, Frederick E. (USAID)
Gildenhorn, Joseph B.
Gildred, Theodore
Gillespie, Charles A. Jr.
Ginn, Rosemary L.
Glassman, Jon David
Gleysteen, William H. Jr.
Glitman, Maynard Wayne
Godard, Ronald D.
Goelz, Louis P.
Goheen, Robert F.
Goldberg, Arthur J.
Goldberg, Robert
Goldberger, Edward
Goldthwait, Christopher E.
Good, Barbara J.
Good, Dale (Labor)
Good, Paul
Goodby, James E.
Gordon, Edgar J.
Gordon, A. Lincoln 1969
Gordon, A. Lincoln 1987
Gordon, A. Lincoln 1988
Gordon, Robert C. F.
Gormley, James J.
Gosho, Henry
Grady, John J.
Grand, Stanley I.
Granick, Robert
Grant, Lindsey
Graves, John E.
Green, Alan Jr.
Green, Lispenard Crocker “Lisa”
Green, Marshall
Green, Marshall – China Policy (Memoirs)
Green, Marshall – Indonesia
Greene, Joseph N.
Greene, Myles
Greenlee, David N.
Greenwald, G. Jonathan
Greenwald, Joseph A.
Gregg, Donald P.
Gribbin, Robert E.
Griffin, George G.B.
Grimes, John O.
Groce, Claude
Grove, Brandon 1994
Grove, Brandon 1990 – Ambassadorial Seminar
Grover, Charles W.
Guenther, Kenneth A.
Gulick, Clarence (USAID)
Gundersen, Jon
Gutman, Harvey E. (USAID)



Habib, Philip
Hadsel, Fred L.
Hagerty, Herbert G.
Hall, John E.
Hall, Lawrence J.
Halsema, James J.
Hamilton, June
Hamilton, Kingsley W.
Handyside, Holsey G.
Haney, Robert C.
Hansell, Herbert J.
Hansen, Allen C.
Hansen, Ruth E.
Haralson, John T.
Harben, William N.
Hardy, Alan
Hare, Raymond A.
Hargrove, James W.
Harkins, Paul D.
Harper, Elizabeth J.
Harper, Lisa Manfull
Harriman, W. Averell
Harris, Marshall Freeman
Harrison, Lawrence E. (USAID)
Harrison, Roger G.
Harrod, John P.
Harrop, William C.
Hart, Jane S.
Hart, Parker T.
Hart, Samuel F.
Harter, Dennis G.
Harter, John J.
Harter, John J. – 2010
Hartley, Douglas G.
Hartman, Arthur A.
Harvey, Constance – June 1988
Harvey, Constance – July 1988
Haselton, Betty
Haverkamp, Roy T.
Haynes, Ulric Jr.
Hays, Dennis
Headrick, Everett (USAID)
Healy, Theresa
Heavner, Theodore J. C.
Hechtman, Phyllis E.
Heck, Ernestine S.
Heginbotham, Erland
Heichler, Lucian
Helble, John J.
Helm, John
Helman, Gerald B.
Helseth, William A.
Hempstone, Smith Jr.
Hemsing, Albert E.
Henderson, Douglas 1988
Henderson, Douglas 1990
Hennemeyer, Robert T.
Herrick, Allison Butler (USAID)
Heymann, Henry L.
Heyniger, Lambert
Hicks, Gregory (testimony on Benghazi 2013)
Higgins, George (Labor)
Higginson, Charles
High, George B.
Hilsman, Roger
Hitchcock, David I. Jr.
Hitchcock, William K.
Hobbs, David L.
Hodgson, James D.
Hoffacker, Lewis (Memoirs)
Hoffacker, Lewis – 1998
Hogan, John
Holdcroft, Lane (USAID)
Holdridge, John H. 1989
Holdridge, John H. 1995
Holloway, Jerome K.
Holmes, Edward W.
Holmes, Gerald P. (Labor)
Holmes, Henry Allen
Holmes, John W.
Holmes, Marilyn
Hoofnagle, James E.
Hooks, Aubrey
Hoover, James (Labor)
Hopkins, Elizabeth W.
Hopkins, Frank
Hopper, Robert
Horan, Harold E.
Horan, Hume
Horowitz, Daniel (Labor)
Horowitz, Herbert E.
Horsey-Barr, Sarah
Houghton, Arthur A. III
Houston, Robert B.
Howard, James O. (Agriculture)
Howard, Stedman
Howe, Fisher
Howe, James (USAID)
Howland, Richard C.
Hoyt, Michael P.E.
Huffington, Roy A.
Huffman, Franklin E.
Hughes, Arthur H.
Hughes, G. Philip
Hughes, Patricia D.
Hughes, Thomas L.
Huhtala, Marie Therese
Hull, Edmund James
Hull, Thomas N.
Hummel, Arthur W. Jr. 1989
Hummel, Arthur W. Jr. 1994
Hummon, John (USAID)
Hunt, Frederick
Hunter, Robert E.
Huntsman, Jon M. Jr.
Hurwitz, Edward
Hutchinson, William E.
Hutchison, John N.
Hutson, Thomas R.
Hydle, Lawrence H.



Ifshin, Stan
Ikels, Judy & Faye Barnes
Imbrey, Howard
Inderfurth, Karl F.
Ingraham, Edward C.
Ingraham, Susan
Ioanes, Raymond A. (Agriculture)
Ireland, Philip R.
Irvine, R. Allen
Irwin, John N. II



Jackson, Richard L.
Jacot Guillarmod, Gilian
Jaeger, George
James, Alan G.
Jaramillo, Mari-Luci
Jenkins, Kempton
Jenkins, Walter E. Jr.
Jester, Dorothy
Jett, Dennis C.
Jickling, David (USAID)
Johnson, Charles E.
Johnson, Charles K.
Johnson, Dorothy Greene
Johnson, Ellen McK.
Johnson, Hariadene (USAID)
Johnson, Marilyn P.
Johnson, Nancy E.
Johnson, Richard E.
Johnson, Stephen T.
Johnson, Thomas F.
Johnson, U. Alexis
Johnson, Vernon C. (USAID)
Jones, Betty-Jane
Jones, Curtis F.
Jones, David T.
Jones, George F.
Jones, Harold M. (USAID)
Jones, James R.
Jones, John Wesley
Jones, Ray E.
Jones, Teresa Chin
Jones, William B. 1989
Jones, William B. 2010
Jonnes, Lloyd (USAID)
Jordan, Yvonne Leveque
Josif, Harold G.
Jova, Joseph John
Joyi, Monica
Junior, Lewis D.



Kahn, Ruth
Kaiser, Hannah Greeley
Kaiser, Philip – 2005
Kaiser, Philip – 1992 (Labor)
Kampelman. Max M. – 2003
Kampelman. Max M. – 1993 (Labor)
Kane, Dagmar Odehnal
Kaplan, Harold
Kaplan, Jacob J. (USAID)
Karaer, Arma Jane
Karst, Eugene F.
Katrosh, Ralph J.
Kattenberg, Paul
Katz, Julius L.
Katzen, Jay K.
Kay, Luke
Kean, John H. (USAID)
Keeley, Robert V.
Keene, Douglas R.
Keith, Kenton W.
Kellerman, Henry J.
Kelley, John E.
Kelly, Giles
Kelly, John H.
Kemp, Anna Durkee & Bernette Chase
Kendall, Harry H.
Kennedy, Charles S. – July 24, 1986
Kennedy, Charles Stuart – Nov. 17, 1986
Kennedy, Charles S. – 1996
Kennedy, Katherine P.
Kennedy, Richard Thomas
Kenney, George
Keogh, Susan
Kern, Anthony (Labor)
Kern, Eugene
Kidd, Mary
Kidder, Dorothy Robinson
Kidder, Randolph A.
Kidney, Juliet F. (Labor)
Kiehl, William P.
Killeen, Thomas B.
Killgore, Andrew
Killham, Edward L.
Kimball, John W.
Kimelman, Henry L.
King, Barrington
Kinnelly, Francis M.
Kinney, Robert
Kinney, Stephanie Smith – 1992
Kinney, Stephanie Smith – 2010
Kirby, Harmon E.
Kirk, Roger
Kirkland, Lane (Labor)
Kirkpatrick, Jeane Jordan
Kissinger, Henry
Kleine, Herman (USAID)
Klemstine, James A.
Klieforth, Alexander
Klingaman, Susan M.
Kloth, Edward W.
Knight, Frances
Knight, Ridgway B.
Knight, William E.
Koenig, Ernest (Agriculture)
Kontos, C. William
Kopp, Eugene
Koren, Henry L. T.
Kormann, John G
Korn, David
Kornher, Kenneth L. (USAID)
Korth, Penne Percy
Kott, Robert J.
Kotula, Ruth Ensley
Kramer David
Kratzer, Myron B.
Kraus, Max
Kreisberg, Paul
Kruse, Donald A.
Krys, Sheldon J.
Kryza, E. Gregory
Kubisch, Jack B.
Kuhn, Ernest C. (USAID)
Kulick, Gilbert D.
Kursch, Donald B.
Kurzbauer, Ruth
Kux, Dennis



La Porta, Alphonse F.
La Porta, Ann
Lacey, John A.
Lahiguera, Charles
Laingen, L. Bruce
Laingen, Penelope
Laise, Caroline Clendening – 1985
Laise, Caroline Clendening – 1989
Lakas, Nicholas Shapiro
Lake, Joseph E.
Lakeland, Albert Ashton L. Jr.
Lamb, Denis
Lambert, Lynne
Lambertson, David F.
Lambrakis, George
Landau, George W.
Landberg, James
Landon, Kenneth P.
Lane, Betsy
Lane, George M.
Laney, James T.
Lange, Howard H.
Langmaid, Bradshaw (USAID)
Lanpher, Edward Gibson
Larey, Franklin
Lathram, L. Wade
Lauderdale, Clint
Lavin, Bernard
Lazar, David (USAID)
Leader, Joyce E.
Leary, John C.
Leavitt, Milton
Leddy, John
Ledogar, Stephen J.
Ledsky, Nelson C.
Lee, Edward L. II
Lee, Eleanore
Lee, Maurice E.
Lee, Owen B.
Lehfeldt, William W. – 1987
Lehfeldt, William W. – 1994
Lehmann, Wolfgang J.
Lehovich, Vladimir
Leininger, Wayne
LeMelle, Wilbert
Lenderking, William
Leonard, James F.
Leonhardy, Terrence George
Lesser, Lawrence
Lev, Reuben
Levin, Herbert
Levine, Robert Don
Levitt, Lilla Grew Moffat
Lewis, Arthur W.
Lewis, Hilda Bruhm
Lewis, Sally Smoot
Lewis, Samuel W.
Lewis, William H.
L’Heureux, David E.
Licht, Louis F. III
Lichtblau, George E. (Labor)
Lie, Haakon (Labor)
Lilley, James R.
Lillico, Stuart P.
Limbert, John
Lincoln, Robert A.
Linder, Perry W.
Lindstrom, Ralph E.
Linehan, John A.
Lion, Donor M. (USAID)
Lion, Elizabeth (Liz) Kennedy
Lissfelt, Mark C.
Littell, Wallace W.
Little, Edward S.
Little, Ruth Stoddard Smith
Littlewood, William H. “Bill”
Livingston, Robert Gerald
Lloyd, Janet West
Lloyd, Wingate
Loar, Theresa A.
Lochner, Robert
Lodge, George C. (Labor)
Long, David E.
Loomis, Henry – 1987
Loomis, Henry – 1989
Lord, Peter P.
Lord, Winston
Lore, Mark
Loris, Charlotte
Loughran, John L.
Love, Alexander Ray (USAID)
Low, Stephen – 1988
Low, Stephen – 1994
Low, Stephen – 1997
Low, Sue (Helen) C. – May 11, 1987
Low, Sue (Helen) C. – May 14, 1987
Lowengart, Carolyn Sega
Lowenstein, James G.
Lowenthal, William (USAID)
Lowrie, Arthur C.
Loy, Frank E.
Luce, Clare Boothe
Lukens, Alan W.
Lumsden, George Quincy
Lundy, Walter A.
Lutkins, LaRue R.
Lydman, Jack
Lyman, Princeton
Lynch, Patricia Gates
Lyon, Cecil B.
Lyon, Elizabeth (Elsie) Sturgis Grew



MacAlister, Robert J. (USAID)
MacArthur, Archibald Gordon (USAID)
MacArthur, Douglas II
MacCormac, Kenneth
MacDonald, Donald S.
Mack, David L.
Mack, James F.
Macklin, Thomas Jr.
Macomber, William B. 1989
Macomber, William B. 1993
Maestrone, Frank E.
Mahoney, Michael M.
Mak, Dayton S.
Malkin, Bruce
Malley, Raymond
Mallory, Lester
Malloy, Eileen A.
Malone, Gifford D.
Manhard, Philip
Manley, C. Conrad
Mann, Thomas
Marcy, Mildred
Mark, David E.
Marks, Edward
Marks, Leonard H.
Marsh, Noel (USAID)
Marsh, William Harrison
Marshall, Anthony D.
Marshall, Ray (Labor)
Martens, Robert J.
Marthinson, Charles E.
Martin, Edgar T.
Martin, Edwin M.
Martin, Edwin W. 6/1987
Martin, Edwin W. 12/1987
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, G. Eugene
Martin, Robert A.
Martin, S. Douglas
Martindell, Anne – 1986
Martindell, Anne – 1991
Mason, Dwight N.
Mason, Frederick G. Jr.
Massey, Parke D. (Labor)
Mast, Charles A.
Masters, Edward E.
Matheron, Richard C.
Mathews, Naomi
Mathias, Charles McC.
Matlock, Rebecca Burrum
Matthews, Gary L.
Matthews, H. Freeman
Matthews, Wade
Mattox, Henry E.
Mattson, Gregory L.
Mautner, Karl F.
Mautner, Martha C.
Maybury, Robert H.
Mayhew, Philip R.
Maynes, Charles William
Mazur, Jay (Labor)
McAfee, William
McBride, Edward C.
McBride, Tessa
McCargar, James
McCarthy, John T.
McCarthy, Marija
McCarthy, Richard M.
McCarthy, Robert E.
McCaskill, Charles W.
McClanahan, Grant V.
McClelland, Walter M.
McCloskey, Robert
McCloy, John J.
McCluskey, Karen
McConville, Donald
McCormack, Richard T.
McCormick, Keith P.
McCoy, Richard
McCusker, Paul D.
McDonald, John W.
McEvoy, Joseph
McFall, Jack K.
McFarland, George A. Jr.
McGaffey, David C.
McGee, Gale
McGeehon, Dale
McGhee, Joseph R.
McHenry, Donald F. – 1998
McHenry, Donald F. – 1993
McIlvaine, Robinson
McIlvaine, Stevenson
McIntyre, Mary Lee
McKee, Richard
McKesson, John A.
McLean, J. Phillip
McLendon, Ruth A.
McManaway, Clayton E. Jr.
McMullen, Ronald K.
McNamara, Francis Terry
McQuatters, Eugenia
McWilliams, Edmund
Mead, Arthur (Agriculture)
Meeker, Leonard
Meenan, James R.
Melady, Thomas Patrick
Melby, John F.
Melton, Richard H.
Mendelsohn, Jack
Mendenhall, Joseph A.
Mendenhall, Leone R. Nonie
Merello, Barbara Shelby
Merrill, Philip
Merry, E. Wayne
Metcalf, Doris Virginia
Metrinko, Michael
Meyer, Armin H.
Meyers, Hope MacBride
Meyers, Howard
Meyers, Marilyn A.
Mgoqi, Wallace Amos
Michel, James H. – 1991
Michel, James H. – 2005
Middendorf, J. William II
Millen, Bruce H. (Labor)
Miller, David C. Jr.
Miller, Robert H.
Miller, Thomas J.
Miller, William D.
Miller, William Green
Mills, Francesca & Sheldon
Minutillo, Maryann
Minyard, James D. (Agriculture)
Moceri, James
Moffat, Jay P.
Mohr, Mark E.
Mondale, Walter F.
Monroe, Gerald J.
Monsen, G. Richard
Montgomery, George Cranwell
Montgomery, James Marvin
Montrie, Charles (USAID)
Moore, C. Robert
Morad, James L.
Morefield, Richard H.
Moreland, Allen B. 1989
Moreland, Allen B. (Memoirs)
Morgan, George A.
Morgan, Margaret “Peggy”
Morgan, William D. 1988
Morgan, William D. 1995
Morin, Ann Miller
Morin, Laurent E.
Morley, Robert B.
Morris, Greta N.
Morris, Patrick F.
Morrow, John Howard
Morse, Ted D (USAID)
Morton, James H.
Moses, Alfred H.
Moss, Ambler
Motau, Sejamothopo
Motley, Judy
Motley, Langhorne A.
Muir, Hugh O
Mulcahy, Edward W.
Muller, George F.
Mulloy, Patrick A.
Munn, Lewright Browning
Murphy, Edmund
Murphy, Patricia
Murphy, Peter K.



Naas, Charles
Nadler, Seymour I.
Nagy, Tibor Peter Jr.
Nalle, Beauveau
Nalle, David
Nassif, Thomas A.
Needham, Howard
Neher, Leonardo
Neitzke, Ronald J.
Nelson, Charles J. 1981
Nelson, Charles J. 1991
Nelson, Harvey F. Jr.
Nes, David G. – 1982
Nes, David G. – 1992
Nettles, G. Clay
Neubert, Joseph Walter
Neumann, Marlen E. – 1988
Neumann, Marlen E. – 1990
Neumann, Ronald E.
Newberry, Daniel Oliver
Newberry, Suzanne Davis
Newlin, Michael H. – 1997
Newlin, Michael H. – 2006
Newlin, William V. P.
Newsom, David D.
Newton, David G.
Nichols, Robert L.
Nichols, Walter
Nicholson, Marc E.
Nickel, Herman W. – 1989
Nickel, Herman W. – 2005
Nieburg, Patrick
Nielsen, Barbara H.
Niemczyk, Julian M.
Niemeyer, Victor
Niles, Thomas M. T.
Nix, John U.
Nolting, Frederick
Nooter, Robert H. (USAID)
Norden, Carl F.
Norland, Donald R.
Norrie, Lawrence
North, W. Haven (USAID)
Norton, Michael
Novotny, Donald



Oakley, Phyllis E.
Oakley, Robert B.
O’Brien, John R.
Odell, Harry I.
O’Donohue, Daniel A.
Ogden, Richard
O’Leary, John
Oleksiw, Dan
Olmsted, Mary Seymour – 1985
Olmsted, Mary Seymour – 1992
Olom, Louis T.
Olsen, Arthur Joseph
Olson, Clinton L.
Olson, Oscar J. Jr.
O’Neill, Aloysius M.
O’Neill, Joseph P.
Opal, Chester H.
Oram, Frank
Osborn, David L.
Ostermeier, Lillian
Ostrander, Nancy
Otto, Allen W.
Owen, Henry D.
Owens, John P.



Packer, Earl
Palmby, Clarence D. (Agriculture)
Palmer, Eshaam
Palmer, Margaret Jones
Palmer, Robie M.H. “Mark”
Palmer, Ronald D.
Palmer, Stephen E. Jr.
Parker, Richard B.
Parker, Thomas Jr.
Parks, William
Pastorino, Robert S.
Patterson, Marvin Jefferson Breckinridge
Patterson, Mildred A.
Patterson, Sue H.
Pavich, Frank (USAID)
Pazdral, Neul L.
Peck, Edward L.
Pell, Claiborne
Peltier, Catherine Adams “Casey”
Pendergrast, Dell
Pendleton, Miles S. Jr.
Percy, Charles H.
Perez, Frank H.
Perina, Rudolf V.
Perna, Anthony J.
Pernick, Irwin
Perry, Cynthia S.
Perry, Jack R.
Peterson, Esther 1989
Peterson, Esther 1992
Petersen, Robert B.
Petree, Richard W.
Petterson, Donald K.
Pettus, James
Peurifoy, Betty Jane
Pezzulo, Lawrence A.
Phillips, Christopher H.
Phillips, James D.
Phillips, Rufus C. – 1982
Phillips, Rufus C. – 1995
Pickering, Alice
Picon, Leon
Piedra, Albert M.
Pielemeier, John D. (USAID)
Pierce, Edward R.
Pierce, William A.
Piez, William
Pike, Douglas
Pillsbury, Philip W. Jr.
Pistor, Michael
Placke, James A.
Plaisted, Joan M.
Platt, Nicholas
Plotkin, Lawrence I.
Plunkett, Margaret L. (Labor)
Poats, Rutherford (USAID)
Poats, Rutherford & John Bennett
Podol, Richard (USAID)
Polansky, Sol
Pollack, Herman
Pope, William P.
Porter, Dwight J.
Porter, Paul R. (Labor)
Post, Richard St. F.
Potts, Bertha
Povenmire, Dale M. (Labor)
Povenmire, Marilyn and Dale
Pratt, Mark S.
Pratt, Norman L.
Precht, Henry
Precht, Henry – Iran
Prickett, Russell O.
Primosch, William
Prince, Dorothy
Prince, Julius S. (USAID)
Pryce, Joan
Pyrce, William T.
Puhan, Alfred



Quainton, Anthony C.E.



Rabb, Maxwell M.
Rackmales, Robert
Raiser, Molly
Rankin, Haywood
Ransom, David Michael
Ransom, Marjorie
Raphel, Arnold L. (Speech)
Raspolic, Elizabeth
Ratigan, John
Ratliff, John B. III
Rau, Martha A.
Rau, William E.
Raven-Hamilton, Eleanore
Ray, Charles A.
Rea, Samuel S. (USAID)
Read, Benjamin H.
Rebhan, Herman (Labor)
Recknagel, Thomas
Redecker, John Brayton
Reed, John H.
Reed, William E.
Rehm, John (USAID)
Reich, Otto J.
Reid, John M.
Reilly, Kathleen E
Reinstein, Jacques J. – 1989
Reinstein, Jacques J. – 2001
Reinstein, Robert and Stephanie Kinney
Reston, Thomas B.
Reuther, David E.
Rey, Nicholas A.
Reynolds, Warren H.
Rice, Mary Kellogg
Rich, Robert G.
Richardson, Cecil S.
Richardson, Elliot
Richardson, John Jr.
Richardson, Pearl
Richmond, Yale
Rickert, Jonathan B.
Ridgeway, William G.
Ridgway, Rozanne L. – 1987
Ridgway, Rozanne L. – 1991
Ridgway, Rozanne L. – 2002
Rimestad, Idar D.
Ringwalt, Mildred Teusler
Rives, L. Michael
Roberts, Owen W.
Roberts, Walter
Robertson, Nicolas
Robinson, Gilbert A.
Robinson, Leonard H. Jr.
Robinson, Paul H.
Rockwell, Stuart W. Jr.
Rodman, Peter W.
Roe, Charlotte
Rogers, Georgia A.
Rogers, Jordan Thomas
Rogers, Kenneth N.
Rogers, Stephen H.
Rogers, William D.
Romanski, Anna
Romine, Woodward
Rondon, Fernando E.
Roosevelt, Selwa “Lucky”
Root, William A.
Rosenfeld, Eugene
Rosenthal, James D.
Rosinus, Gunther
Ross, Claude G.
Ross, Richard Fenton
Rossi, Herman J. III
Rostow, Walt
Rountree, William M.
Rowell, Edward M.
Rowell, Lenora Wood “Le”
Rowny, Edward L.
Rubenstein, Estelle R.
Rubottom, Roy R.
Ruddy, Frank S.
Ruedy, Ralph H.
Ruedy, Shirley E.
Rugh, William A.
Rushing, Charles E.
Rusk, Dean
Russell, McKinney
Russell, Theodore E.
Russo, Paul A.
Rust, Dean
Ryan, Hewson
Ryan, Mary A.
Ryan, Robert J. Sr.
Rybak, David (USAID)
Ryerson, William E.



Sabbagh, Isa K.
Sablosky, Irving
Saccio, Leonard J.
Sacksteder, Frederick H.
Salans, Carl F.
Salgo, Nicholas M.
Salzman, Herbert
Sampas, Dorothy M.
Samuels, Michael A.
Sanderson, Melissa
Sandin, Donna Hersey
Sassman, Frank
Saunders, Harold H.
Sayre, Robert M.
Scanlan, John D.
Schaeffer, Eugene M.
Schaffer, Howard B.
Schaffer, Teresita C.
Schaufele, William E. Jr.
Schechter, Edmund
Schermerhorn, Lange
Schiff, Stanley D.
Schifferdecker, Arnold P.
Schifter, Richard
Schlossberg, Stephen I. (Labor)
Schmelzer, Frank E.
Schmidt, G. Lewis
Schmitz, Charles A.
Schnabel, Rockwell A.
Schoonover, David M.
Schrader, Roger & Herbert Weiner (Labor)
Schute, Norman V.
Schwartz, William B. Jr.
Schwering, Katherine
Schwinn, Walter K.
Scoville, James G. (Labor)
Scully, Cornelius R.
Searing, Marjory Ellen
Secchia, Peter F.
Seelye, Joan
Seelye, Talcott W.
Seidman, Bert (Labor)
Seligman, Albert L.
Selin, Ivan
Sellar, Peter O. (USAID)
Sellin, Theodore
Service, Caroline Schulz
Service, John S.
Service, Robert E.
Severin, R. Keith (Agriculture)
Seymour, Jack
Shakow, Alexander (USAID)
Shanghai Stories: 30th Anniversary of the U.S. Consulate
Shear, David (USAID)
Sheinbaum, Gilbert H.
Sheinbaum, Inger F.
Shellenberger, Jack
Shelton-Colby, Sally
Sherer, Carroll R.
Sherman, George
Sherman, William C.
Sherwin, Walter J. (USAID)
Shinkman, Bernard F.
Shinn, David Hamilton
Shippy, A. Ellen
Shirley, John W. “Jock”
Shlaudeman, Harry W.
Shoesmith, Thomas P.
Shostal, Pierre
Sides, Ann B.
Sigur, Gaston J.
Silberman, Laurence H.
Silberstein, Franchon
Silins, Ints M.
Silva, Walter J.
Simcox, David E.
Simmons, Caroline T.
Simons, Thomas W. Jr.
Simonson, Joseph
Sims, Melvin E.
Simpson, Howard R.
Simpson, R. Smith – 1991
Simpson, R. Smith – 2001
Sinding, Steven W. (USAID)
Singer, Derek S. (USAID)
Siracusa, Ernest V.
Sirkin, Abraham M.
Sisco, Joseph J. 1971
Sisco, Joseph J. 1990
Skiles, Victor (USAID)
Skinner, Elliott Percival
Skoufis, Peter J.
Skoug, Kenneth N.
Slaght, Dale V.
Slocum, Glenn (USAID)
Smalley, Robert M.
Smith, David S.
Smith, Judith Armayor
Smith, Keith C.
Smith, Michael B.
Smith, Morton S.
Smith, R. Grant
Smith, Ralph Stuart
Smith, Richard A. (Agriculture)
Smith, Richard J.
Smith, Robert P.
Smith, Robert S.
Smith, Samuel Vick
Smith, Scott E. (USAID)
Smith, Walter B. II
Smoak, Marion
Smythe, Mabel Murphy – 1981
Smythe, Mabel Murphy – 1986
Sober, Sidney
Sokolove, Henri (Labor)
Solarz, Stephen
Sollenberger, Howard E.
Solomon, Richard H.
Somerville, Ronald K.
Sonnenfeldt, Helmut
Sorensen, Thomas C.
Sorenson, Roger A.
Southard, Cliff
Southwick, E. Michael
Spain, James W.
Spear, Moncrieff J.
Spearman, Leonard
Spector, Melbourne L. 1988
Spector, Melbourne L. 1996 (USAID)
Spencer, June Byrne
Spiers, Patience
Spiers, Ronald I.
Spiro, Herbert John
Springmann, J. Michael
Squire, Marguerite Hovey “Margo”
Squire, Patrica Cody
Stabler, Wells
Stacy, Roy (USAID)
Stahnke, Paul K.
Stammerman, Kenneth A.
Staples, George M.
Stearman, William Lloyd
Stearns, Antonia
Stedman, William P. Jr.
Steele, Howard L.
Steeves, John M.
Steigman, Andrew
Stempel, John D.
Stepanek, Joseph F. (USAID)
Stephansky, Ben S. (Labor)
Stern, Thomas
Stern, Thomas & Bacchus, William
Sterner, Michael E.
Sternfeld, Reuben (USAID)
Steven, Robert S.
Stevenson, Robert A.
Stewart, John Todd
Stieglitz, Perry
Stier, Victor L.
Stockman, Richard L.
Stoddart, Jonathan Dayton
Stoessel, Mary Ann
Stoffel, Albert
Stokes, William N.
Stoltzfus, Jr., William A.
Stone, Anne Brewer
Stone, Donald C.
Stone, Galen L.
Straus, Ulrich A.
Strauss, Robert S.
Stroock, Thomas F.
Stuart, Jr., Robert D.
Stutesman, John Hale – 1988
Stutesman, John Hale – 1994
Suddarth, Roscoe S.
Sullivan, John H. (Jack) (USAID)
Sullivan, Joseph G.
Sullivan, Kenneth P.T.
Sulser, Jack A.
Summ, G. Harvey
Sutter, Willis J.
Sveda, Russell
Swank, Emory C.
Swanson, Suzanne
Swiers, Peter
Swift, Elizabeth Ann
Switzer, Sheila
Sylvester, John Jr.
Symmes, Harrison M.
Szabo, Daniel



Taft, Julia
Taft, William Howard III
Tanen, Ted M.G.
Tannenwald, Theodore (USAID)
Tannous, Afif (Agriculture)
Tatu, Francis J.
Taylor, Clyde Donald
Taylor, James E.
Taylor, John J. “Jay”
Taylor, Lawrence P.
Taylor, Louise
Taylor, Margaret V.
Taylor, Maxwell D. – 1969
Taylor, Maxwell D. – 1981
Taylor, Rush W.
Teare, Richard W.
Teeple, Howell S.
Tetro, Robert C.
Thayer, Harry E.T.
Thibault, Albert A. Jr.
Thielman, Greg
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Fred Charles Jr.
Thomas, John M.
Thomas, William W. Jr.
Thompson, Herbert
Thompson, Richard E.
Thompson, Richard Sackett
Thompson, Ward
Thomsen, Samuel B.
Thorburn, W. Garth (Agriculture)
Thorne, C. Thomas
Thrasher, Edward J. (Memoirs)
Thurber, James P. Jr.
Tibbetts, Margaret Joy
Tice, Donald C.
Tienken, Arthur T.
Tillman, Seth P.
Todman, Terence A.
Tolle, Michael E.
Tomseth, Victor L.
Toner, Joseph
Tongour, Nadia
Toon, Malcolm
Torbert, Horace G. Jr.
Toumanoff, Vladimir I.
Trattner, John H.
Trent, Mary Vance
Trezise, Philip H.
Trimble, William C.
Trivelli, Paul
Trueheart, William C. 1982
Trueheart, William C. 1989
Truitt, Michelle E.
Tuch, Hans N. – 1988
Tuch, Hans N. – 1989
Tuch, Hans N. – VOA Years
Tull, James L.
Tull, Theresa A.
Turk, Bessie Forbes Franklin Macdonald
Turner, Kathleen
Turpin, William N.
Tuthill, John W. – 1987
Tuthill, John W. – 1992
Tutwiler, Margaret D.
Twining, Charles H.
Tyler, Gus (Labor)
Tyler, William R.
Tyson, Paul H.



Undeland, Richard E.
Underhill, Francis
Unger, Leonard
Upston, John E.
Usrey, Gary S.
Ussery, Michael



Vaky, Viron P.
Valdes, Philip
Valdez, Abelardo
Vallimarescu, Serban
Van Dyke, Stuart (USAID)
Van Harte, Edna
Van Heuven, Marten
Van Hollen, Christopher
Van Oss, Hendrick
Vance, Cyrus R.
Vance, Jean C.
Vance, Sheldon
Veale, William C.
Vedeler, Harold C.
Veliotes, Nicholas A.
Veliotes, Patricia
Velletri, August
Venezia, Ronald F. (USAID)
Venning, Corey
Vest, George S.
Vetter, Charles T. Jr.
Viets, Richard N.
Villard, Henry S.
Virden, Richard A.
Vreeland, Nena (USAID)



Wade, Robert H. B.
Walentynowicz, Leonard F.
Walker, Howard K.
Walker, Jenonne
Walker, Julius W.
Walkin, Jacob
Wallis, W. Allen
Walsh, James D.
Walsh, Joseph C.
Ward, George
Ward, Robert Mark (USAID)
Warne, W. Robert
Warner, Gerald
Warnke, Paul C.
Warren, James C. Jr.
Watson, Alexander F.
Watson, Douglas K.
Watts, William
Wauchope, Keith L.
Weathersby, William H.
Weaver, George L.P. (Labor)
Webb, Haven N.
Webb, Henry Reiter Jr. (Agriculture)
Wedeman, Miles (USAID)
Weil, Leon J.
Weiner, Herbert E. (Labor)
Weiner, Herbert & Roger Schrader (Labor)
Weingarten, William A.
Weinland, Helen
Weintraub, Leon
Weintraub, Sidney
Weislogel, Winifred S.
Weiss, Mary Louise
Weisz, Morris – 1990 (Labor)
Weisz, Morris – 1993 (Labor)
Weisz, Yetta F.
Wells, Melissa Foelsch
Welton, Richard S. (Agriculture)
Wenick, Martin
West, George L.
Weston, Thomas G.
Weyl, Michael
Wheeler, Joseph C. (USAID)
White, Alfred Joseph
White, Elizabeth Moffat
White, Lewis M. (Jack)
White, Paul E.
White, Robert E.
White, Robin
White, Wayne
White, William (USAID)
Whitehead, John C.
Whitehouse, Charles S.
Whitman, Daniel
Whitman, Sue
Whitman, William B.
Whittlesley, Faith Ryan
Wiesner, Louis A. (Labor)
Wilcox, Philip C. Jr.
Wiley, Marshall W.
Wilkins, Fraser
Wilkinson, Edward H.
Wilkinson, J. Burke
Wilkinson, Theodore S.
Wilkowski, Jean Mary
Willett, John Hurd
Williams, Eddie
Williams, G. Mennen
Williams, James Alan
Williams, John Edgar
Williams, Leonardo M.
Williams, Maurice (USAID)
Williams, Murat
Williams, Samuel T.
Williamson, Larry C.
Wills, E. Ashley
Wilson, David Michael
Wilson, Earl J.
Wilson, Ernest (USAID)
Wilson, James M. Jr.
Wilson, Joan
Wilson, Joseph C. IV
Wilson, Leila Fosburgh
Wilson, Thomas W.
Winder, Joseph A. B.
Windmuller, John P. (Labor)
Wine, James W.
Winkler, Gordon
Winn, David M
Winsor, Curtin Jr.
Winter, Marcus L. (USAID)
Wise, Samuel G. Jr.
Wisner, Frank G.
Woessner, William M.
Wolcott, Marion Post
Wolf, Victor Jr.
Wolle, William D.
Woodbury, Wendell W.
Woods, James L.
Woodward, Robert F.
Wozniak, Robert J.
Wrampelmeier, Brooks
Wriggins, William Howard
Wright, Jerauld
Wright, Lacy
Wright, Mary Annette “Ann”
Wyatt, Susan Clough
Wygant, Michael G.
Wyman, Parker D. – 1989
Wyman, Parker D. – 1997
Wyrough, Richard R.
Wysong, Rita





Yager, Joseph A.
Yates, Kenneth
Young, Johnny
Young, Virginia Carson



Zachary, Dan
Zatinsky, Milton (Labor)
Zigler, Robert S. (USAID)
Zimmermann, Robert W.
Zimmermann, Warren
Zinni, General Anthony C.
Zorthian, Barry
Zuckerman, Stanley
Zweifel, David E.