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    While U.S. diplomatic presence was confined by protocol to the major capitals of the world, consular posts spread to the major ports where the expanding American merchant marine called.

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The Return of the King — Saud Visits the U.S.

Johnny Young – Abject Poverty to Ambassador

Read about other Fascinating Figures.

Do you have what it takes to be an ADST Historian?

ben_cool (2)ADST is looking for someone to work alongside fabled oral historian Stu Kennedy. The position entails reaching out to and interviewing foreign affairs professionals (mostly retired FSOs) about their lives and experiences in foreign affairs. ADST interviews can be quite lengthy and average 10-12 hours over 5-8 sessions, sometimes more. After the completed transcripts are edited by the interviewee, they are posted on and submitted to the Library of Congress.

Applicants must be a good listener, have a thorough working knowledge of the State Department, and be committed to preserving its oral history. The position would initially be part time (three days a week). Those interested should submit a resume and cover letter to [email protected] by December 1. Qualified applicants will then be contacted to set up an interview.






ADST Express

huffpo-logoWe get it. YouBen and clock're a busy person and sometimes you just don't have the time to read a more comprehensive article on diplomatic history (TL;DR as they say -- too long; didn't read). But we can help.

We've chosen some of our more interesting Moments and compressed them to about 1250 words. We have pieces on Nixon and Khrushchev in the Kitchen Debate, Kissinger's secret negotiations with China, and a spy scandal in Ghana. And we're adding more each week. They are all ADST blog posts on Huffington Post. Enjoy!





Inside Foggy Bottom

C Street entranceFoggy Bottom1989 album redo refers not only to that neighborhood of Washington, DC, but also to the State Department itself. In this feature, we will try to dispel that fog and smoke and cast light on some of the lesser known aspects of the State Department and diplomatic history.

1989 -- A Swift Look at an Incredible Year

A year filled with magic, madness, heaven and sin. Among the defining years of the 20th century, 1989 had a lasting impact on the social, political and economic structures of modern diplomacy. Ruthless dictatorships, which seemed impervious to change, suddenly began falling one after another, so much so that 1989 is commonly referred to as anno mirabilis, the year of wonders.



The Stump

stump photoTedXThe Stump is an online forum to encourage discussion on issues regarding the State Department and foreign policy. The views expressed should not be considered official statements of the U.S. government or ADST.

CG Joey Hood on the Secret Lives of Diplomats

In this TedX talk from the Dhahran, Saudi Arabia High School, Consul General Joey Hood discusses the unglamorous, sometimes dangerous, but often rewarding work of Foreign Service Officers abroad.




Big Ben’s Top Ten


Your BF serves them up the way you like them -- great taste and more filling!

Check out Big Ben's Top Ten -- the articles he recommends for their substance and popularity. He's got a wide selection from around the globe.


seychelles tracking station


So share the Moments -- they're good for whatever ales you.




1.  The Assassination of Anwar Sadat              6.  Murder in an Embassy

2.  Trial of U2 Pilot Francis Gary Powers        7.  The Tet Offensive

3.  Terrorist Attack in Khartoum                      8.  Nixon Goes to China

4.  Seychelles, Gangsta's Paradise                    9.  8 Weird Things about Dips

5.  The Peruvian Hostage Rescue                    10.  Re-establishing ties with Cuba, 1977


ben_cool (2)The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”  — William Faulkner

The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training (ADST) is an independent nonprofit organization founded in 1986. Located at the State Department’s George P. Shultz National Foreign Affairs Training Center in Arlington, Virginia, ADST advances understanding of American diplomacy and supports training of foreign affairs personnel through a variety of programs, publications, and activities.

Over the past quarter century ADST has conducted nearly 2000 oral histories, which are also posted on the Library of Congress website, with more to come. Interviewees include such fascinating people as Prudence Bushnell, who describes her harrowing experiences during the bombing of U.S. Embassy Nairobi, Julia Child, Philip Habib, Dean Rusk, George Ball, Kathleen Turner, and many others. Excerpts from our oral history collections highlight the horrifying, the thought-provoking, and the absurd. In other words, they reflect the reality of diplomacy, warts and all.



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