What our friends say about us!

“I am a strong proponent of oral histories whether in my community or in diplomatic relations. Carefully employed, oral histories lend depth and texture to otherwise dry recitations of official documents and statements. For me, the Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection, is a unique and incomparable source for understanding our past and present.”

 W. Nathaniel Howell
Professor Emeritus of Public Affairs
University of Virginia

“The oral histories that your organization has collected over the years are a national treasure . . .”

Senator  Sam Nunn
D-Georgia (retired)


“We believe that your article [on nuclear defense issues] provides crucial information and unique insights on the topic that are necessary for students to form a balanced opinion. Its inclusion in this anthology would perfectly suit Greenhaven’s mandate to put the best possible information and writing before students, fostering their acquisition of critical thinking skills, and encouraging their development as members of an educated, engaged, and responsible citizenry.”

Greenhaven Publishers
for their high school readers on key issues in America history.

“The ADST Foreign Service oral histories are a tremendously important source for historians, political scientists and practitioners.  I have used them extensively in work on South Asia, both during spells as an academic at Yale and the Library of Congress and during the course of conducting an Asia Society policy review on South Asia.  I also draw on them as a practitioner: the oral histories provide depth and context for U.S. foreign relations over multiple decades.  Diplomacy intimately depends on expertise and knowledge built over time.  These oral histories are not just of historical interest but provide a vital contribution to contemporary U.S. diplomacy – and deserve support.”

Alexander Evans, Ph.D.
Member of the Senior Management Service
U.K. Diplomatic Service
Visiting Senior Research Fellow
King’s College London


“I had never thought of diplomats as a source until I met you. Thank you for opening my eyes to a whole other resource!”

Anne Walker, MEd Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Benton Middle School, Manassas, VA



“After my talk at George Mason University on nuclear [issues], students asked for suggestions for readings on diplomacy. I pointed to incredible trove of diplomatic memoirs maintained online by the Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training”

Amb Laura Kennedy (ret.)
Former U.S. Ambassador to Turkmenistan


“As an historian and commentator who works in international history, I have already benefitted greatly from the [ADST] collection.  I used it extensively for my book Nixon and Mao; ‘Six Days that Changed the World’ and I hope to use it again in my new project[.] I have also directed my doctoral students and colleagues to the collection.”

Margaret MacMillan, Ph.D.
Professor of International History University of Oxford
and Distinguished Scholar
Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs, Johns Hopkins, SAIS


“The Association has created over the years an invaluable resource for understanding and writing the history of American foreign relations and indeed of the wider international history of the 20th and 21st centuries.  The interviews and transcripts that the ADST has prepared, often with the help of dedicated volunteers, has produced a wealth of material that would otherwise be lost to history.”

Jeffrey A. Engel, Ph.D.
Director of the Center for Presidential History
Southern Methodist University


“I have been a fan of the oral history collection for many years, both while doing research for my PhD and for my current book on consular representation in Britain. Anyone who is at all serious about writing on diplomacy or international relations and wishes to go behind the bland, sanitized official accounts of events should make the collection their first call. ”  

Nicholas M Keegan, B.A., Ph.D.
Durham, University

“The Association’s oral histories . . . provide scholars with a valuable tool for the study of U.S. diplomacy.”

Lee H. Hamilton
Former Chairman
Foreign Affairs Committee
U.S. House of Representatives


“[The collection is] an invaluable resource for students and scholars of modern U.S. history. [The interviews are] an entertaining compilation of tales by former diplomats free of their so-called ‘diplospeak’ shackles and recounting everything from the serious to the strange.”

Alan B. Nichols
The Washington Diplomat