Cold War Saga

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Cold War Saga

“This is an invaluable eye-witness account of the diplomatic fronts of the Cold War, a great resource for scholars, and a wonderful tale for those of us who love history.” ––WALTER ISAACSON, Aspen Institute President and CEO

Cold War Saga gives an insider’s view of the global confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States and its allies. The author, veteran diplomat Kempton Jenkins, was directly involved in this epic struggle from its beginning in 1950 through 1980.

Kempton Jenkins, a thirty-year career Foreign Service officer, was actively involved in US-Soviet relations and East European affairs from 1950 on. A graduate of Bowling Green, George Washington, and Harvard, he was also an adjunct professor at Georgetown University.

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by Kempton Jenkins
Foreword by Marvin Kalb
Nimble Books, June 2010
452 pp, appendices, bibliography
Softcover $20.94 (members' price $20.00)

"There is no substitute for the first-person testimony of the man who was there — in the head-to-head confrontations in Moscow and Berlin and the Third World — in the decades when East and West struggled for supremacy. Jenkins was there at every turn; his memoir is a unique personal story and a valuable document in diplomatic history."
ERNEST B. FERGUSON, former Baltimore Sun bureau chief in Moscow, Saigon, and Washington