An Architect of Democracy

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An Architect of Democracy: Building a Mosaic of Peace

“Jim Huntley is both an extraordinary American and an advocate for multiparty democracies around the world. Every democrat anywhere should read this work.”
David Kilgour, Member of Parliament, Canada

A detailed chronicle of the working life of an idealistic, action-oriented World War II veteran’s lifelong search for peace through strengthening democracies and the international institutions that unite them.

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by James Robert Huntley
Foreword by Brent Scowcroft
New Academia Publishing, June 2006
600 pp, 12 illustrations, appendices, index
Softcover $30.00 (members' price $27.00)

"Over half a century, James Huntley has played a major leadership role in government and in the nonprofit and scholarly worlds. This is a personal story of our times, well told by a master practitioner."
Robert Hunter, former US ambassador to NATO