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How well do you know your 20th century diplomatic history? All of these questions deal with events featured on our site. Look over to your right. The pressure's on and the clock is ticking...

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1) When the U.S. invaded Panama in 1989, where did dictator Manuel Noriega stay before he finally gave up?
2) Iran hostage Michael Metrinko said during his captivity, "That guy was an idiot, and I could cheerfully have killed him.” Who was he talking about?

3) Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza liked the U.S. ambassador to his country so much, he honored him by doing what?

4) This person complained that Cuban Security agents killed the family dog.

5) He was killed while investigating Jim Jones' cult in Georgetown, Guyana.

6) Renowned diplomat Max Kampelman was a conscientious objector during WWII and participated in the Minnesota Experiment, which pushed the boundaries of ethics in science. What did it do?

7) The North Koreans seized the USS Pueblo after their attempt to do this failed miserably.

8) Herbert Fierst was a blond Jew who travelled through Nazi Germany in 1936. He said his greatest regret was:

9) Stephen Keat tells of how the new U.S. ambassador to Somalia arrived in country and committed which cultural faux pas when he greeted his Muslim hosts on the tarmac?

10) In his book "American Consul," Stu Kennedy notes that these two famous people actually served in the consular service.

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