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Princess of Monaco, Full of Grace

Grace Kelly was known for her beauty, success and passion even before becoming Princess of Monaco. Before her untimely death in 1982, Princess Grace had become involved in, and even founded, various charity organizations to help people through the world. During an oral history interview conducted in 1994 by William D. Morgan, Peter Murphy describes one of the lesser known acts of kindness Princess Grace would perform for those in need.


Q: So all of the Americans you dealt with on the Riviera were not all wealthy types?

MURPHY: We had, in the consular district, several formerly wealthy people who resided there in very humble lodgings. As an aside, Princess Grace of Monaco was marvelous in ferreting out such people. She would call me at the consulate and tell me of their plight. I didn’t have time to visit all of these people but she would take this on – with my wife Jacqueline – and together they would visit – and evaluate the needs of the citizens.

Sometimes Grace would bring her two eldest children, Prince Albert and Princess Caroline, to help clean these peoples’ apartments. She herself would bring food from the Palace. I think it was a good education for her children. It certainly showed them another side of life. Grace’s actions were very touching – all the more so because her charity was done without the least bit of fanfare. No one ever knew what she was doing – or who she helped – either in person or through her own generosity. I have never read anything about this in all that has been written about her untimely death.

For this reason I want to record her kindness here – – so that someone will know what a kind and charitable person she was. She may have had a privileged position in the country – but she was ever thoughtful of those less fortunate around her. Through such contacts, my wife and I got to know the Prince and Princess very well.