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Former ADST Interns

We are grateful for the work of our interns both current and former. Our former interns our listed below.

For more information about internships at ADST, click here.


Autumn 2016

From left front row:

Amy Busey, George Mason University

Juli Sunderlin, Loyola

Madeline Domalakes, Hillsdale

Judy Waters, George Washington University

From left second row:

Roderick Law,  George Washington University

Marissa Yang, Sonoma State

Katherine Smith, Florida State University

Kyle Sinno, George Mason University


Summer 2016

Gunnar Soneson, University of Toronto

Nathaniel Blumenstock, St. John’s University

Jillian Johannes, University of Rochester

Thomas Zadrozny, University of Washington

Gabrielle Mendy, University of Chicago

Jesse Berman, University of Virginia

Erika Saunders, Middlebury College




Spring 2016

Patrick Madaj, University of Oklahoma

Mary Oney, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Raining Wang, University of Rochester

Mackenzie Demien, Calvin College

Rachel Shifman, Temple University





Autumn 2015

Collin Chatterley, American University

Chrissy Rhamy, San Diego State

Leanna Jasek-Rysdahl, McDaniel College

Madeleine Scanlan, College of St. Scholastica

Sara Kinas, James Madison University

Jack Stanford, Florida State University

Stephen Angell, University of Miami



Summer 2015

Jake Silverman, Brandeis
Lora Waybright, Allegheny
Avneet Takhar, Univ of San Francisco
Sunder Kannan, Univ of Michigan
Jen Vogl, William and Mary
Claire Bond, Univ of Southern California
Rachelle Husband, Univ of Virginia
Collin Bradley, Univ of Minnesota




Spring 2015

Grace Perez, University of Southern California
Jacob Mackey, Univ. of Tampa (through The Washington Center)
Tatiana Colon, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Rebecca Morton, University of Rochester (through TWC)
Gina Larsen, American University
Reanna Suela, University of California — Santa Barbara (not in photo)

Spring 2015 interns

Department of State Virtual Student Foreign Service Interns

Lauren de Pinto (Franklin and Marshall College), Joshua Fisher (Portland, OR), Sarah Dia (Weston, FL), Mackenna Johnson (San Luis Obispo, CA), Fallon Schlossman (Evanston, IL), Lorraine Carlucci (Storrs, CT), Zachary Sturiale (Glenside, PA), Melanie Holec (New Canaan, CT ), Nick Raef (Evanston, IL), Krisha Perkins (Amarillo, TX).

Fall 2014

Gabrielle Barbour, George Washington University
Galina Bogatova, St. Petersburg State University
Carlene Siu, University of Calgary
Nooralhuda Kahtan

Fall 2014 interns

Summer 2014

Anamaria Karrels, University of Dayton
Kate Touscany, Allegheny College
Naomi Coffman, Davidson College
Caroline Wallace, University of Pennsylvania
Rebecca Satterfield, Rice University

Summer 2014 interns

Spring 2014

Batul Sadliwala, American University/ American University of Kuwait
Noah Williams, AU/ Tufts University
Marilyn Bentley, ADST Business Manager
Brianna Guarino, Allegheny College
Alexandrea Griffin, Valparaiso University
Mary Edwards, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Kristine Knowles, AU/ Tulane University

Spring 2014 Intern Photo

Fall 2013

Aubrey Forte, American University/ University of Delaware
Marta Sosnowska, American University
Katie Smith, AU/ Siena College
Brenna Dougherty, AU/ Clark University
Elizabeth Williams, American University (also an intern in Fall 2012)
Alyssa Komish, American University
Daniela Gonzalez, Hillsdale College
Miranda Liu, The Madeira School

Fall 2013 Photo  Fall 2013 Photo, Part II

Summer 2013

Rebeka Walker, University of New Hampshire
Casey Carlin, George Washington University
Anton Kotelyanksii, Allegheny College
Gregory Blitstein, University of Buffalo
Eli Rau, Reed College
Jonathon Hsu, College of William and Mary

Summer 2013 Intern Photo

Department of State Virtual Student Foreign Service Interns

Robert Patterson, Allegheny College
Katie Walpole, London School of Economics
Jenna Perry

Spring 2013

Jenna Perry, American University
Francis Gortaire, Florida State University
Mary-Ellis Bowler, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Sarah Balkissoon, University of California Berkeley.
Angelica Shin, Madeira School in McLean, Virginia
Jihyeon Yoo, Madeira School in McLean, Virginia
Alex Fukui, Wooster College
Audrey Blaschke, American University
Matt Longo, Catholic University

Jenna, Francis, Mary-Ellis, and Sarah
Jihyeon Yoo and Angelica Shin
Alex, Audrey, and Matt

Department of State Virtual Student Foreign Service Interns
Robert Patterson, Allegheny College
Katie Walpole, London School of Economics

Fall 2012

Sara Best, Bradley University
Kevin Brazda, Allegheny College
Sarah Castellanos, American University
Jessica Fisher Stetson University
Andrew Foster, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Angelica Shin, Madeira School
Elizabeth Williams, American University
Jihyeon Yoo, Madeira School

Department of State Virtual Student Foreign Service Interns
Robert Patterson, Allegheny College
Katie Walpole, London School of Economics

Elizabeth Sarah C
Kevin and Andrew
Jessica and Sara B

Summer 2012

Jessica Bonzo, Allegheny College
Georgia Cavanaugh, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Amy Davis, Wesleyan University
Steven Garza, St. Norbert College
Robert Patterson, Allegheny College
Natalie Rasmus, Langley High School
Alec Sorensen, University of Richmond

Summer 2012 Intern Photo

 Spring 2012

Ben Berk, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Ludmilla Bogdan, St. Lorbert College/American University
Maja Solem Pedersen, University of Bergen (Norway)/American University
Rachel Marie Recolcolin, Stonehill College/American University
Viktoriya Saldina, St. Lawrence University/American University
Bryce Schoenborn, American University

Fall 2011

David Benoit, American University
Erica Brandenburg, McDaniel College/American University
Jaspreet Gill, Whitman College/American University
Melissa Martinez, St. Mary’s University/American University
Tanu Mondkar, Santa Clara University/American University
Jackie Spiegel, American University
Erin Vanek, American University

Summer 2011

Rachel Adams, Juniata College
Jared Edgerton, Juniata College
Steven Garza, St. Norbert College
Sarah Gold, Yorktown High School
Biola Ijadare, Johns Hopkins University
Elise Swanekamp, Allegheny College
Corey Willis, Sarah Lawrence College

Spring 2011

Kimberly Aagaard, Santa Clara University/American University
Lopo De Castro Neto, University of Miami/American University
Adriano De Gennaro, Clark University/American University
Katie Decker, The Madeira School
Grace Elliott, American University
Veronika Horvathova, St. Lawrence University/American University
Ahmed Jawad, Trinity College/American University
Leigh Maiden, The Madeira School
Matthew Mayer, Gettysburg College/American University
Katie Zolot, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Fall 2010

Louise Clemmensen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark/American University
Katie Decker, The Madeira School
Preston Hildebrand, Washington College/American University
Leigh Maiden, The Madeira School
Drew Richards, Duquesne University/American University
Stine Ronningen, University of Oslo, Norway/American University
Michaela Stroemsten, Karlstads University, Sweden/American University
Michaele Szillat, Tulane University/American University
Eric Van Curen, American University
Brad Walvort, University of Michigan

Fall 2010 Intern Photo

Summer 2010

Michelle Cooper, Nova Southeastern University
Jon Dannemann, University of Redding, United Kingdom
Nishant Dixit, Monmouth College
Megan Knox, Allegheny College
Theodore MacDonald, Dickinson College/American University
Tori McCaffrey, Yorktown High School
Faheem Rathore, Davidson College
Brandon Wolinsky, Nova Southeastern University
Steven Wu, Allegheny College

Spring 2010

Kat Alexander, Sweet Briar College/American University
Erica Chang, The Madeira School
Hadley Gray, Bates College/American University
Karen Hansen, University of St. Thomas/American University
Liz Jamison, University of St. Thomas/American University
Caroline Lemp, American University
Conor Nelson, Norwich University/American University
Ted Scott, Rollins/American University
Erica Young, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Fall 2009

Erica Chang, The Madeira School
Nishant Dixit, Monmouth College/American University
Mary Harrigan, American University
Allen Law, Allegheny College/American University
Caroline Lemp, American University
Nicole Murray, Allegheny College/American University
Kaia Range, American University
Elizabeth (Lisa) Snyder, American University
Anders Walloe, University of Oslo/American University

Summer 2009

Brett Ayers, Denison University/American University
Jonathan Broide, Davidson College
Marybeth Campeau, Davidson College
Alina Duka, Yorktown High School
Katherine Giles, University of Georgia/American University
Michelle Ker, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Matt Lee, Davidson College
Liz Tuttle, Allegheny College
Andrew Watts, Rollins College/American University

Spring 2009

Esin Efe, Tulane University/American University
Sarah Jeffcoat, Santa Clara University/American University
Kevin J. Lee, Lehigh University/American University
Bradford T. Williamson, University of Portland/American University
Amallie Zahralddin, William & Mary/American University

Fall 2008

Kelsey Aroian, University of Vermont/American University
Trevor Filipiak, Allegheny College/American University
Rachel Gray, Indiana University/American University
Whitney Kippes, St. Martins University/American University
Jeremy Kogan, Arizona State Unversity/American University
Flora Lujana, Lake Forest College/American University
Amy Markel, Marymount Manhattan College/American University
Brian Perez, Miami/American University
Jennifer Ricketts, Munich/American University

Fall 2008 Intern Photo

Summer 2008

Alex Banazoli, University of Massachusetts/American University
Evan Colbert, Davidson College
Rebecca Davidson, Denison University/American University
Rita Hawkins, Western Washington University
Robert Hipps, Clark University/American University
Kalif Mathieu, Alma College/American University
Anjan Mukherjee, Davidson College
Annaliese Rosenthal, Davidson College
Chris Ryan, Davidson College
Courtney Whiteman, Yorktown High School

Spring 2008

Iris-Aikins-Afful, Fayetteville State University/American University
Hilary Casper, Bucknell University/American University
Lacy Crawford Jr., University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Keeley Hawkins, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Taylor Isenberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lisa Klinger, Hamline University/American University
Dilanthi Ranaweera, Middlebury College/American University

Spring 2008 Intern Photo

Fall 2007

Elisabeth d’Aughamp, University of Copenhagen/American University
Alexander Gaus, Heidelberg University/American University
Lia Jocobsen, Middlebury College/American University
Rachel Jurkowski, Allengheny College/American University
Kaitlin Leary, Linfield College/American University
Katherine Locke, Allegheny College/American University
James MacHaffie, Missouri State University
Demitrus Sutton, Univeristy of North Carolina at Pembroke/American University

Fall 2007 Intern Photo

Summer 2007

Hanan Abdul Hadi, Davidson College
Raija Bushnell, DePauw University
Trevor Chamberlin, Davidson College
J Maxwell (Max) Clark, Colorado State College, Fort Collins/American University
Nicolas Curdumi, University of Michigan/American University
Gregory Hoffman, University of Richmond/American University
Brian Moran, Davidson College

Summer 2007 Intern Photo

Spring 2007 & Winter 2007

Spring 2007
Katie Frink, Rhodes College/American University
Elsa Talat Khwaja, University of Minnesota/American University
Daniel Mallinson, Elizabethtown College/American University
Alexandra Ogden, University of North Carolina
Samuel Roods, Hartwick College/American University
Caroline Stover, University of North Carolina

Spring 2007 Intern Photo

Winter 2007
Raija Bushnell, DePauw University

Winter 2007 Intern Photo

Fall 2006

Allison Bukowski, University of Michigan/American University
Nashwa Elgadi, Temple University/American University
Kathryn Kerekes, The College of St. Scholastica/American University
Joseph Larkin, St. Norbert College/American University
Victoria Miranda, Elizabethtown College/American University
Jeremy W Morse, Texas Lutheran University/American University
Kate Tussey, Elizabethtown College/American University
Nicholas Vucic, University of Richmond/American University
Isabelle Chiaradia, Santa Clara University/American University

Summer 2006

Scott Foster, Davidson College
Abigail Hahn, Saint Olaf College
Carey Hale, UNC Charlotte
Ross MacDonald, Davidson College
Matt Petit, Davidson College
Lindsey Snedden, Trinity University
Tyler Stone, Davidson College
Aika Zikibayeva, Yorktown High School

Spring 2006

Marc Coda, Duquesne University/American University
Elly Elhamoumi, Bates College/American University
Meghan Fleming, Drake University/American University
Ryan Gassaway, University of Florida/American University
Abigail Hahn, St. Olaf College/American University
Sheena Keller, Tufts University/American University
Caitlin Moore, Mount Holyoke College/American University
Sean Ridley, Gettysburg College/American University

Fall 2005

Deana Dennis, St. Lawrence University/American University
Frank Pigulski, Illinois College/American University
Rhonda Polzin, Millikin Univeristy/American University
Sarah Schwartz, St. Mary’s University/American University
Sara Steele, University of San Francisco/American University
Katy Thomas, George Washington University

Summer 2005

Lee Anthony, Davidson College, North Carolina
Rachael Levy, Apalachian State University
Adrienne McCall, Davidson College, North Carolina
Kristin Simmons, Davidson College, North Carolina

Spring 2005

Tim Carpenter
Feras Sleiman
Jeff Such
Melissa Zavislak

Fall 2004

Erika Landskroener
Liz Leavy
Amy Ream
Shane Stryzinski

Summer 2004

Matthew Bandyk, Davidson College, North Carolina
Rob Tyner, Davidson College, North Carolina

Spring 2004

Kate Gramatico
Stacey Hohl
Jane Smart
Sarah Smith, Mary Washington College

Fall 2003

Anton Altman, American University
Matt McFall, American University
Evan Steinberg, Mary Washington College

Summer 2003

Jessica Puglisi, Mary Baldwin College/American University
James Ward, University of Colorado/American University

Spring 2003

Nicole Berman
Valerie Bowen
Rebekah Dietz
Hannah Fuhr
Tijana Jovanovic
Andrew Zsoldos

Summer 2002

George Ailiotis, University of Cyprus/American University
Murat Bulbulcu, Eastern Mediterranean University/American University
Sameeka Desai, George Mason University, Virginia
Rebekah Dietz, Needham High School, Needham, Virginia
Eric Jones, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jessica Peakes, Boston College, Massachusetts
Susan Rodriguez, Davidson College, North Carolina

Spring 2002

Patrice O. Clark, Howard University
Amanda L. Forehand, Agnes Scott College, Georgia/American University
James Keith Hyatt, Franklin Pierce College, New Hampshire/American University
Adam Silver, Wesleyan University, Massachusetts/American University
Paul R. Trepani III, Tulane University/American University

Fall 2014

Gabrielle Barbour, George Washington University
Galina Bogatova, St. Petersburg State University
Carlene Siu, University of Calgary
Nooralhuda Kahtan


Fall 2014 interns