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Vietnam and Beyond

Back to Diplomats and Diplomacy Vietnam and Beyond: A Diplomat’s Cold War Education Robert Hopkins Miller’s forty-year Foreign Service career, from 1951 to 1991, spanned virtually the entire Cold War. Miller worked on America’s unsuccessful Vietnam venture and its aftermath for nearly one-third of his career, and this account demonstrates his exceptional “hands-on” knowledge and […]

The Historic Roots of China-Africa Cooperation

The African continent is often seen as a land of paradoxes. Although it possesses many natural resources and extremely fertile land, many of its citizens remain underfed. Multiple Western development initiatives have tried to take on this challenge, but a majority of the African population still lives in poverty. Because of this, a rising sentiment […]

“The Times They Are a-Changin”—Working in the Context of Social Revolution

While U.S. State Department employees regularly serve in the midst of pivotal international agreements and turmoil, the events going on surrounding their personal lives are often equally fascinating. Social change, and in some cases rebellion, characterized the formative years of many senior U.S. diplomats. From the 1963 March on Washington to the Bureau of Indian […]