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Other Publications Available from ADST

Other publications of interest on diplomacy and foreign affairs.


215 Days in the Life of an American Ambassador

by Martin F. Herz
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“This is a remarkably revealing book about the Foreign Service and the role of a career ambassador, the workings of an embassy and its relation to Washington, things Bulgarian, and Ambassador Herz himself. He tells it as he sees it, without pulling any punches.” —Ambassador ELLSWORTH BUNKER

Softcover: $16.00


American Statecraft

by Robert Moskin
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Moskin spent more than 15 years researching this book, criss-crossing the globe to conduct hundreds of interviews with people both in and out of the State Department. The result is a book that tells this intricate history in narrative form, and also recounts the maturation of the United States through the lens of foreign diplomacy.


Diplomacy Under a Foreign Flag: When Nations Break Relations

edited by David D. Newsom
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“The excellent case studies in this gem of a book are all written by experienced diplomats and have a practical tone and the ring of authenticity.” —FOREIGN AFFAIRS


Softcover: $12.00


Married to the Foreign Service

by Jewell Fenzi, with Carl L. Nelson
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Foreign Service spouses toiled in obscurity for decades, unrecognized and unpaid. This is an excellent, long-overdue chronicle of their experience.” —Former U.S. Representative PATRICIA SCHROEDER

Softcover: $15.95


To the Happy Few: A story of death, love, and loss in the Sudan

by Hume Horan
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“It’s a ripsnorting good story with the vivid raciness of a James Bond adventure, a thought-provoking reminder of Islamic diversity, and a multifaceted portrait of Foreign Service life. I gulped it down and was entertained, informed, and regretful when it was over.” —GEORGE VEST, former Director General of the Foreign Service

Softcover: $16.00


U.S. – Soviet Summits

by Gordon R. Weihmiller and Dusko Doder
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“There seems never to have been a single point at which the question of whether there should be a summit meeting has been decided. In each administration, the decision appears to have been a matter of the evolution of pressures to the point where a summit became both a diplomatic and political necessity.” —from the foreword by DAVID D. NEWSOM
“A very useful summary and analysis. . . . The select bibliography is excellent. Recommended for graduate students and faculty.” —CHOICE

Softcover: $15.00