ADST interns learn diplomatic history as practitioners by editing oral histories into Moments in U.S. Diplomatic History, listening in on oral histories as they’re being related, attending seminars at think tanks around Washington and meeting Foreign Service Officers at all stages of their careers at the National Foreign Affairs Training Center, where the ADST cottage is located.

Spring 2017


From left to right:

Joshua Barnes – UNC – Chapel Hill

Danny Li – Dartmouth

Bridget Flynn-Kastner – Davidson

Caroline Thompson – FurmanIMG_9400

Bill Stewart – University of Mississippi

Emmaly Read – UC- Santa Barbara (right)




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What is an Internship with ADST?

Secretary Colin Powell with interns at the 2006 ADST gala dinner

At left:  Former Secretary Colin Powell with interns at the 2006 ADST gala dinner


ADST is a 501(c)(3) NGO located on the Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute (FSI) and offers a robust internship program that caters to those with an interest in the Foreign Service and diplomatic history. Our interns emerge from their internship with a better understanding of U.S. diplomacy, the inner workings of the Department of State, and the realities of Foreign Service life. Through special arrangements with their institutions, many interns receive college credit for their work as research assistants in the ADST Oral History and Publication Programs.

Our interns work on a variety of projects to aid in ADST’s mission. Past interns have: edited book manuscripts and oral histories, compiled histories for use in our Country Reader and Subject Reader series, helped at various ADST events, edited images for inclusion in book projects, and helped edit the ADST website.

Currently, interns are mining our extensive oral history collection for interesting stories that can be used as a Moment in U.S. Diplomatic History. Many of these have then been published on leading history websites or used as case studies at FSI.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright with ADST interns during a December 2013 book launch


At right:  Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright with ADST interns Brenna Dougherty and Elizabeth Williams during a December 2013 book launch


Interns regularly sit-in on our interviews with former Foreign Service Officers and ambassadors, during which time they have the opportunity to speak candidly with the individual being interviewed. Recent interviewees have included John Beyerle, Ambassador to Russia, Skip Gnehm, Ambassador to Kuwait, and Daniel Kurzer, Ambassador to  Egypt and Israel. Interns have the opportunity to attend special events at Brookings and other such organizations.

Because of our special relationship with the Foreign Service Institute, our interns have also had the opportunity to audit various courses FSI offers as well as meet with Department of State personnel representing numerous career tracks in both the Foreign and Civil Service.


How to Apply

We accept interns primarily during the summer and during the academic year, but special appointments during academic recesses may be considered. Although the positions are unpaid, we do offer a modest stipend to cover transportation costs.

Deadlines for applications are: early December for the Spring semester; mid-March for the Summer semester; and mid-July for the Fall semester. Early applications are welcomed.

And our interns do manage to have fun. Check out the Words of Wisdom from the Summer 2014 interns.

At left:  Former ADST interns Alec Sorensen, Bob Patterson (both from Summer 2012) and Matt Longo (Spring 2013) meet former Secretary of State and gala dinner honoree James Baker, May 2014.

To apply for an internship with The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training, please email Executive Director Judith Baroody with the following:

1. Resume
2. Cover Letter
3. A 3-5 page writing sample

Please note that although ADST is an independent nonprofit organization, our offices are located on the Department of State NFATC /FSI campus. Accepted applicants will be required to submit to a federal “public trust” background investigation to receive clearance to enter State Department facilities.

If you have any questions about our internship program or its application process, please email Judith Baroody or call ADST at 703-302-6990.


Summer 2014 interns with Deputy Secretary Bill Burns

Summer 2014 interns with Deputy Secretary Bill Burns

Spring 2016 interns with former Deputy Secretary and current Brookings Institution President Strobe Talbott

Strobe with interns